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A Message from Lara

Packed Perfectly | A Message From Lara

A Message From Lara

I have taken the non-traditional approach to life in just about every aspect, especially where I have chosen to live. I am Asheville Born, NYC Shaped, European stylized, Australian, and newly Californian. I elongated the traditional gap year to fit my life and set out to live meaningful travel, wanting to experience cities through the eyes of a local. That desire has lead me to develop many friendships all over the earth, from all walks of life. My dinner table is a multi-cultural one as are all global citizens.  

Whether I am standing on the edge of the world’s highest bungee jump in New Zealand, getting dared to eat a scorpion in Bangkok, riding a camel to camp in the Sahara desert, or racing across the Mekong Delta to play a pickup game of water basketball in Laos—the Talking Heads song “Once in a Lifetime” starts playing in my mind.

You May Find Yourself…

Living in another part of the world forces you to look at it differently—but what motivates me to seek out that unexplored corner of the globe in the first place?

Turns out, I am one of those weirdos that can embrace constant change with a childlike outlook—wandering into the unknown seeking knowledge and friendships. I basically want to turn over as many rocks as I can while I am on this Earth; adding to my social capital.

You May Ask Yourself…

How did I get here?

When I seek out a destination, sometimes it’s due to some overwhelmingly strange desire or inspiration. Once, a photo of a hot air balloon inspired a trip to Cappadocia, Turkey, while my Mom’s persistent fear of sharks inspired a trip to Isla Holbox to swim with whale sharks. Unless I’m inspired, I do typically have a good reason to go.

If there is a festival, an event to experience, or a reason to don a costume, I want to be there to cover it. Whether it is an entrepreneurial event, music festival, or gathering centered around spiritual wellness and connectivity, I am drawn to the experience so I can share it with others. My friends and family learn how best to navigate their own journey from reading about my trials and tribulations.

Let the Days Go By…

Traveling for any purpose can bring unnecessary stress. The best way to alleviate stress is to know what you’re getting yourself into—or at least have a broad idea and then leave room for audibles.

The most stressful part of travel for most people, including myself, has been what to put in the suitcase. To help myself, and others, I came up with a formula to prepare everyone for travel. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or planning your first international excursion, Packed Perfectly is an inspirational tool to ensure you have everything you need when you arrive at your destination.

At Packed Perfectly, we provide expertly curated shopping lists to help you order and pack everything you need quickly and easily—so you can take in the full experience of your once in a lifetime adventure.

Travel in style,

Lara Green

Founder and CEO of Packed Perfectly