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Bangkok Travel Tips

Bangkok, Thailand, is the perfect mixture of hustle and flow. It’s a thriving metropolis with crowded night markets, streets full of tuk-tuks ready to transport you where you need to go, and robust aromas of curry wafting out of crowded restaurants.

The city counteracts its controlled chaos with a Buddhist serenity and laissez-faire charm. Smiling faces greet you around every corner (but be wary if they try to give directions; they probably want money in return), and there are Bangkok points of interest for tourists almost everywhere you go.

Getting Around in Bangkok

Ride the SkyTrain

This metro has air-conditioned carriages. In most instances, you are high above traffic, which gives you an awesome view of the city. Riding the SkyTrain is a great way to simplify travel and see the city at the same time. Put it on you list of Bangkok travel tips.

Take a Tuk-Tuk

For a more leisurely ride, jump in the carriage of one of these push-pedal bikes. The slow ride through the streets is a great way to see the city up close, while getting to your destination.

Motorcycle Taxi

If you need to get somewhere fast, the motorcycle taxis allow you to weave through traffic, as street life quickly passes you by. This isn’t the best way to see the city, but it’s one of the most helpful Bangkok travel tips for moving quickly through the bustling metropolis.

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood…

The first thing I did after arriving at my hotel was drop my bags and explore Rambuttri Road. Rambuttri is a famous street that has leafy banyan trees and gives off a local vibe. Walking the entire street takes about 30 minutes. It’s a great place to introduce yourself to Thailand and get a feel for the guesthouses, restaurants, bars, shops, and street food.

Running parallel to Rambuttri Road is the famous Khao San Road, which is the well-known backpacker road full of cheap guesthouses, bars, and restaurants. Khao San Road can feel like a circus, but it’s a must see for those interested in contemporary Bangkok points of interest.

Day to Night

During the day, Bangkok is a great place to get an extended massage. You’ll find that massage parlors are abundant almost everywhere you go. An hour of massage usually costs no more than 300 baht (U.S. $8.94). The massage will prepare you for a relaxing time at the night markets.

In the daytime, Bangkok thrives; at night, it comes alive. Night markets are the best places to buy trinkets to remember your journey, and the nocturnal food markets are my personal favorite for grabbing a quick bite on the street. And then there’s the nightlife. As in most major cities, nightlife varies from luxury lounges, to dive bars, to strip clubs.

Culinary Truth or Dare

I made friends as I walked down Ramburrti Steet and decided to have lunch with them. A local came to our outside table, selling fried scorpions on a stick. The guys and I all dared each other to eat one, and a scorpion became the first thing I ate in Bangkok. It tasted like a peanut shell. Unless the dare involves some nice compensation, I highly do not recommend it. There are plenty of other places to eat in Bangkok.

A few Chang beers later, I wandered off alone again and was stopped by a yogi who read my aura. I ended up learning a great deal from this man. On leaving me, his wise words to me were, “Meditate more, and lighten up!”

Wandering farther down the street, my olfactory senses pick up on another culinary oddity, as a cart of distinctive looking fruit rolls up next to me. The Durian fruit is called the king of fruits. With a thorny outer shell, it looks like a weapon. If you can stand the aroma, the buttery fruit inside is “worth the squeeze.”

Bangkok Points of Interest

The Grand Palace

I went to the Grand Palace to marvel at the intricate artwork and detail of the structure. Remember: When visiting a temple, you must cover your shoulders and knees to signify respect. Wear slip on shoes, because you’ll take them off every time you enter a room.

The SkyBar

After showering off following an active day, I head to the Sky Bar, the rooftop bar that the film Hangover 3 made famous. It gives you an aerial view of the city, but be ready to drop 400 baht (U.S. $11.92) per drink. It’s one of many amazing places to grab a drink in Bangkok.

Cooking Classes

Thai food is awesome. It makes me laugh when I order; the waiter asks if you want it the “white people way”. Typically, you should go this route, even if you love spicy cuisine. I crave spicy food, but when I got too cocky and ordered the “Thai way”, even my eyeballs were sweating.

If you’re interested in learning the art of Thai cuisine, there are many cooking classes to choose from. Chef Leez is a good one to try.

Muay Thai

Visit Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen stadiums to watch Muay Thai competitors battle it out with graceful punches and kicks. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, and it’s talked about everywhere in Bangkok.

Songkran Festival

Celebrated each year from April 13-15th, Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year festival. In the Buddhist religion, it is believed that you can wash your sins and bad luck away by sprinkling yourself with water. Today, the sprinkling of water has turned into a full on water fight ― complete with water guns ― that the whole country gets involved in. The festival turns into a giant, soaking street party!

Chatuchak Market

Over 8,000 stalls cover 27 acres, making this is one of the largest markets in the world. Open every Saturday and Sunday, it attracts nearly 200,000 visitors a day. Find everything you could ever imagine for sale here, and enjoy paying mostly local prices.

Siam Paragon

This mall boasts Southeast Asia’s largest aquarium, a huge multiplex cinema, and enough restaurants to keep you coming back for days. This is for shoppers who want to spend a bit more, or those who want to steer clear of the bustling market life.

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