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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires! Packed Perfectly’s first stop in our Patagonia trek
Buenos Aires

If you want to travel to Patagonia there are many different itineraries you can choose from, and everyone has an opinion on which is better. Of course, this all depends on your time and your budget, but also your traveling personality. Part of Packed Perfectly’s travel idiosyncracies is if avoidable not to backtrack. I like to move forward and maximize my time to see and do as much as I possibly can. This is never the easy way, and requires a lot of planning and research – or you can book our concierge services HERE and the Packed Perfectly team will plan the perfect trip for you!

Packed Perfectly’s Patagonia Itinerary
packed-perfectly patagonia trek

International flight into Buenos Aires
Domestic flight to Ushuaia
Drive to Torres De Paine Chile
Drive to El Calafate
Domestic flight to Bariloche
Dometic flight to Buenos Aires
International flight back to The States

Fall in love with Buenos Aires

“The city comes alive at night,” my Argentinan friend tells me before I head off to Buenos Aires in December, their summer time. “Imagine Rio is the LA of South America and Buenos Aires is the NYC,” he says for comparison. Buenos Aires combines old European grandeur with Latin flair. The city is young, the culture is sexy, assumingly from the underground sex clubs and the national dance being the Tango.

Walking around the city during a warm summer day I passed elaborately artistic murals on every street. People would smile and start conversations with me at coffee shops during lazy toasty afternoons. Around 8 PM people start to hit the bars, sitting outside drinking pints of beer before dinner. Dinner time in Buenos Aires starts later, typically around 10 PM, however, we found ourselves sitting down around 11 to 1130PM most nights. This is the case as if you are going out after dinner bars and clubs do not start getting ‘good’ until 4AM and expect to see the sunrise, as Packed Perfectly’s team did wanting to do Buenos Aires the authentic way and check out the best bars – and we just had to dance until 7AM.

Your Neighborhood Guide

The best neighborhoods to stay in and go out in are Palmero Soho and Palermo Hollywood which are walking distance from each other and where you will find the most trendy hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges, cafes, and nightclubs. If you want to go more on the fancier said stay in Recoleta.

Take a day trip to El Caminito, the neighborhood with colorful houses which is a tourist trap but worth seeing. The trick is to leave before the sun goes down as nighttime gets more dangerous.

San Telmo has the famous weekend market and is the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

Best Time To Visit

Go to Buenos Aires any time of year, the fun doesn’t stop with the season. If you are trying to beat the heat then try fall (from April to June) and spring (from September to December) – temperatures are mild and hotels offer lower rates. Summer months ( January and February) you can expect outdoor concerts and markets, as well as humid heat and considerable crowds.

Festivals to Plan your trip around

World Tango Festival in August and the Circus Festival in May.
March 31–April 1 is Lollapalooza, ‘El Lolla.’

The Food Scene in Omnivore Country

Before I left for Buenos Aires everyone joked that I would be eating steak every day and drinking Malbec. They were exactly right. While BA’s food scene is increasingly dynamic, it is a carnivore’s paradise. Parrillas aka steakhouses sit on practically every corner and will offer up myriad cuts which you will wash down with a few bottles local Malbec, try the San Pedro – it is so smooth and delicious I dream about it.

What to knock off your BA Checklist

Colorful houses in El Caminito
The Weekend market in San Telmo
Malba – Art museum
Recoleta Cemetary – Evita is buried here
Picnic at the Reserve Ecological
Ferry to Uruguay – Colonia del Sacramento

Where to Eat and be Merry

Best Coffee
Cafe la Biela

Best Brunch
Lab New American coffee shop

Best Lunch
El Banco Rojo

Best Afternoon Tea
Alver Palara Hotel

Best Dinner
Casa Cavia
Club M Omakase
Nicky’s NY Sushi

Best Speakeasy

Where to Drink and Play in Buenos Aires

The Lonious Club

Wine Bars
Vinoteca Park Hyatt
Bar du Marche
Oprto Almaren

Gran Bar Danzon

La Marshall
Tango Cool

Bar Sur

The Tango Culture

BA’s famous dance is possibly the city’s greatest contribution to the outside world, a steamy strut that’s been described as ‘making love in the vertical position’. Folklore says it began in the bordellos of long-ago Buenos Aires when men waiting for their ‘ladies’ passed time by dancing among themselves. Today, glamorized tango shows are supremely entertaining with their grand feats of athleticism. You’ll also find endless venues for perfecting your moves, from milongas (dance salons) to dance schools.

Getting Around Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a flat, walkable city. The Subte subway system costs $0.67 a ticket, while bus fares vary between $0.30-$0.35. A magnetic SUBE card costs $2.57 and can be used on all modes of public transit. You can also rent bikes for free (registration required) on the EcoBici, flag down distinctive black and yellow taxis, or uber.


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