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Vacation to Antarctica

Whether you are on a bucket list trip to see all seven continents or you have always dreamed of seeing the expansive icebergs of the Antarctic, a vacation to Antarctica is a completely unique experience. Pay a visit to Deception Island, a rugged caldera formed around an active volcano, check out the natural hot springs on the island, and keep your eyes peeled for penguins waddling along the shore!

Anver Island is another must-see stop on your vacation to Antarctica. Home to the Palmer Station, the famous US research center, Anver Island has a great museum for Antarctic visitors.

Why You Should Go Before You Die

Talk about the road less traveled! Few people set foot on this icy continent, but the untouched wilderness is unlike anywhere else on earth. Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent on earth, inhabited by just a handful of researchers. The untouched landscape is breathtaking, with ice shelves jutting into the frigid waters and snowy peaks cresting in the distance. You’ll never see anything that rivals the splendor of this sprawling snow covered landscape as long as you live.

Antarctica’s inhospitable conditions mean that it doesn’t have any native mammals, but the frigid continent is home to a large penguin population and many types of exciting aquatic life. You won’t see any polar bears on your vacation to Antarctica (they are at the North Pole), but you might spot a seal or an orca whale.

Lara’s Advice

The best Antarctic travel advice is to take a cruise! Antarctica is not a place for an independent traveler. With no accommodations, an inhospitable climate, and extremely limited accessibility, a pre-organized cruise is the easiest and safest way to visit this remote continent. By booking a cruise, you can ensure comfort and convenience during your vacation to Antarctica, and also be able to visit a variety of locations without trying to organize complicated travel arrangements.

When you figuring out what to wear in Antarctica, the cold cannot be overstated! Antarctica is essentially a giant frozen block of ice, so dress warmly. This is not the time to skimp on performance wear, make sure you have well insulated snow boots and a thick, windproof coat.

What To Pack

What do you wear in Antarctica when temperatures are nearly always below freezing? Focus on keeping your core warm with a cute down vest, layered under a thick ski jacket. Fight off the chill with a cozy wool beanie, and tech gloves are a must to keep your fingers warm.

Antarctica is one of the driest places on earth, so bring a rich face cream on your vacation to Antarctica to keep your skin hydrated. Even though it’s cold, you can still get sunburnt, as the UV rays bouncing off the sheets of white ice actually increase your chance of getting burned. Bring powerful SPF protection anytime you venture outdoors.