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Travel to Haiti with Kin Travel

Haitian History and Culture Haitians have a saying, “Beyond the mountains are…more mountains.” This is not just an allegory for life’s many obstacles; the mountains were the deciding factor in the first successful rebellion of the West African slaves brought to Haiti. The Haitian revolution (1791-1804) marked the defeat of Napoleonic forces, the most powerful army of the time. Haiti then established itself as an independent, black republic. Pirates Cap-Haïtien,

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What to do in Turks and Caicos on vacation The Turks and Caicos Islands are perfect for a family vacation or a romantic getaway with your special someone. They are comprised of several islands in the British colonial chain, with Providenciales being the largest. A majority of hotels on the islands are concentrated 20 minutes from the airport on Providenciales, along Grace Bay on the northeast shore. It may sound

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What to Pack for a Beach Vacation in the Caribbean

Who doesn’t dream about a Caribbean beach vacation? Kick off your sandals and feel the sand between your toes, read a book under a colorful umbrella while the aqua blue ocean sparkles in the distance, and sip fresh coconut water out of a real coconut. A trip to the Caribbean is a trip to paradise… as long as you know what to pack for a beach vacation.

With dozens of islands scattered across the Caribbean, there are tons of tropical vacation ideas to choose from. Need a week of R&R? Check yourself into a resort and spa in the British Virgin Islands for a week of massages and fruity cocktails. If you like history, Cuba is a fascinating place to visit; a trip to Havana is like stepping into a time machine.

Why You Should Go Before You Die

The Caribbean is at the top of the list of tropical vacations ideas. The palm trees sway invitingly, the water is the perfect temperature for swimming and the ocean will never look bluer. A Caribbean vacation is the break we all need. After a week drinking daiquiris on the beach, you’ll be as refreshed and relaxed as you will ever be.

The Caribbean is also a great spot for those looking for some adventure. There are so many fun, high-energy activities, and the warm waters make the tropical islands a great place for watersports like kite surfing, jet skiing, and parasailing.

The tropical water is also home to a huge variety of exotic marine life, so go scuba diving in the Bahamas for a chance to swim with the stingrays, or take a whale and dolphin watching boat tour in Puerto Rico.

Lara’s Advice

When you visit the Caribbean, sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. The Caribbean isn’t a place for busy itineraries and tour buses. Really let yourself unwind, you will probably never be quite as relaxed again! When you are figuring out what to pack for your beach vacation, be sure to tuck a juicy novel in your bag, there is nothing better than tearing through the latest thriller book while you sunbathe.

Don’t bring your stress with you! Leave your laptop at home, and log out of your email — the only thing you should be thinking about is the tropical paradise you are in the middle of.

What To Pack

So your island getaway is right around the corner, but what to pack for your beach vacation? When you are spending a week splashing in the waves, bringing multiple swimsuits is a must; nothing is more of a drag than pulling on a bikini that is still damp from yesterday’s snorkel adventure. Bring a string bikini for sunbathing on the shore, and a cute one-piece for more athletic activities.

When you are planning what to pack for your beach vacation, make sure you stock up on sunscreen—and a few choice apparel items curated by Packed Perfectly!