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Vancouver, British Columbia

Why To Book at Ticket NOW The Natural beauty of the pacific northwest is astounding. The smell of pine lingers in the air right as you step off the plane. Vancouver has been coined “Manhattan with mountains.” Surrounded by orcas, seals, bears, moose, and geese this thriving metropolis is a dream come true for those who want to blend nature and city life. It’s British Columbia’s largest city, a haven

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Seattle, Washington

Your Seattle Trivia Ah, Seattle, the charming misty city. Seattle was named for the indigenous chief Si’ahl (pronounced Seattle) in 1786-1866, of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes. Today Seattle is in a tech boom as cranes hover above soon to be new Amazon skyscrapers – 18 new buildings to be exact. Google and Facebook live here too. Starbuck’s headquarters also resides in the Seattle mist. You can find the very

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Aspen, Colorado

The Aspen Experience Aspen has long reined synonymous as a luxury playground for the rich and famous. It attracts a vivacious older crowd, but not your typical seniors – these Aspenites are shredding on the mountain, socializing at the many bars and restaurants, and dancing into the night at clubs. The streets are full of fashionistas, fur ( hopefully sustainably sourced) and the shopping is incredible. A weekend in Aspen

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Venice Beach, California

Packed Perfectly’s New Home Packed Perfectly has called many places home over the past decade. The original, Asheville, then New York City, Sydney, London, and now we have settled into Venice Beach because of its deep-rooted bohemian spirit, artistic vibes, and proximity to the Pacific ocean. Venice has a strong sense of community, held between the westside patrons and proprietors. It is a melting pot of a variety of free-spirited

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Joshua Tree, California

Explore to Create “You have to go to Joshua Tree, ” my girlfriend says, in earnest as if she believes it is the transformational place that I am seeking like Ponce de León and the fountain of youth. Personally, I do like deserts. They give off a powerful energy and typically their vast empty plains attract artists and creatives. How to Find Where to Stay in Joshua Tree I decided

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Yosemite National Park, California

Why People Flock to Yosemite? Quite possibly it is because of the 840 miles of scenic trails, the largest granite monolith in the world (El Capitan), or maybe to gander at the tallest and oldest trees on the planet. Yosemite National Park is approximately the size of the state of Rhode Island, attracting over 3 million visitors a year. It has the highest waterfall in all of North America, Yosemite

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Welcome To Havasupai Falls Havasupai is an Indian Reservation in the southwestern part of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. In English, the reservation’s name means, “people of the blue-green waters.” The Havasupai natives are an isolated community within the canyon and receive supplies from the outside through mule and helicopter deliveries. The area is filled with majestic, blue waterfalls, including Navajo Falls, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, and Beaver Falls. There are countless,

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VISITING MARFA, TEXAS The slogan for the town of Marfa is: “Tough to get to, tougher still to explain, but once you get here, you get it.” Marfa’s slogan proves true. The trek down Highway 90 is long and desolate. Be sure to not run out of gas on this adventurous drive through the plains of West Texas. There are stretches of 321 km (200 mi) between cities, as you

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Canadian and US Travel Destinations

North America is a vast continent, with a wealth of geographical and cultural diversity. No matter what type of vacation experience you are looking for, there is a place for you.

Looking for a tropical beach getaway? The white sands and swaying palms of the Florida Keys or the pink sands of Prince Edward Island await you. Want to take in some culture and city life? Check out the museums and comedy clubs in Chicago, or head to Montreal’s Jazz Festival.

From the snowy Rocky mountains, to the red rock canyons in Arizona, to the beauty of Niagara Falls, to the dense forests of British Columbia, we have unique travel ideas to help you plan your next North American adventure.

Why You Should Go Before You Die

North America has too much to offer to pass up. From the coldest icy tundras to the hottest arid deserts and everything in between, North American travel has everything you can think of.

Catch a Broadway show in New York, see the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, eat a big juicy hamburger amid the beautiful plains of the Midwest. Visit the birthplace of jazz and rock and roll in the South, or tour the White House in Washington DC.

Even if you were born and raised in the USA, traveling within the states can be an incredibly enriching experience. Discover new and unexpected corners of the country with our guides some lesser-known US travel destinations, like a Xanadu retreat to Havasupai Falls, Arizona or a mysterious journey to the small West Texas art haven of Marfa.

Lara’s Advice

For the best American adventure, you have to get off the beaten path. Get off the interstate and drive through the small towns that make America so special, so weird, so unique. Stop at roadside attractions and hole in the wall diners. Talk to locals and be open for the unexpected. No matter what US travel destination you choose, there is something special under the surface, if you are willing to look for it.

What To Pack

The clothes and gear you’ll need for your North American vacation can vary greatly based on your specific travel destination. That’s why we’ve created our expertly curated packing lists featuring the items you’ll need for your adventure through the States.

For example, if you’re headed to Havasupai for a week, you’ll want to bring your Moncler Grenoble Hooded Down Jacket for when it gets cold at night, your Athletic Propulsion Labs sneakers for making the most of your day, and—most importantly—your AGS Brands biodegradable soap for shower under the falls.

Read our specific destination guides for more North American travel ideas and packing advice, and start planning your North American adventure today with Packed Perfectly!