Drink and Play
Buenos Aires, Argentina

878  (Wine Bar)

Behind an unmarked door on a relatively quiet street, you’ll find 878 (or ocho7ocho), a former speakeasy, now all above board, with heaps of character. Since it takes its name from its street number at least you won’t have too many problems finding it. Ring the bell and you’ll be granted entry to a suitably low-lit space full of comfy couches. The walls are bare-brick and the whole place has the feel of something quickly cobbled together, an on-the-hoof, raw and rather illicit vibe. Seriously laid back, it’s a superb place to curl up and chat for an hour or two, working your way through the contents of the attractively back-lit (and well stocked) bar.


Franks (Speakeasy)

Frank’s Bar actually takes the concept of a Speakeasy and puts it into full gear. On a quiet street in Palermo Hollywood, there is actually a small sign in front of the door that says “Frank’s”, but you would never notice it. In order to get into this Speakeasy, you must first past two tests. First, you need to get past the door man (unless you are a group of 20 dudes, you will get in, the doorman is there more for effect and security) by saying whatever it is you want to say. After the door is opened for you, you enter a smaller room where at the other end is a phone booth. If you are just entering the bar and have no idea what this is about, you would probably be very confused. Well, the next step is to enter a secret code into the phone which will open a door and allow you to enter the bar (if you don’t know the code, the doorman will help you). Once you enter through the phone booth, you will of finally made it into the actual bar, but you might even be more confused as there is a sex shop selling all kinds of toys to your right. The actual bar is really nice. Well designed and has a high-class vibe. The drinks are expensive but are made well. The crowd tends to be little older on the +30 side. On your way out after buying a 40 peso cocktail, you can buy a double sided dildo as well. What more can you ask for in the place?


Niceto (Club)

Thursday nights there’s one main option to go in Buenos Aires: Club 69. Hedonism and sense of humor converge with Argentina’s top techno and house spinners, b-boys and a series of performances all night long by “La Compañía Inestable del 69”. The B-side features alternative sounds to the main dancefloor. A must-see-live-experience.

Friday night features the wide-genre party Invasion, where guest djs and bands switch from the B-side to the front room. Rock, pop, funk, live shows, acting performances, urban art… anything can happen to the multi-style crowd searching for good times around Palermo.

Saturdays choose between monthly and bi-monthly events such as Magic (BA’s trance night), Brandon Gay Day, Piso Compartido, Vh1 parties, Canada’s own Mutek festival local events or Dynamic Reggae Soundclash for instance, each one a whole experiences itself. On top of that, Niceto Club as a live music venue is as strong as any. Just about anybody on the up and up or already there, plays Niceto. Whether it be reggae, rock, pop, jazz, electronic tango, check out their monthly agenda and go go go.