Drink and Play
Reykjavík and Beyond, Iceland


Kaffibarinn is one of the oldest bars in town. The tourist to local hipster ratio has understandably shifted in favor of the tourists in the last decade or so. But that does not seem to make Kaffibarinn any less hip. Kaffibarinn on the weekends is an experience you will either love or hate. But if you don´t fancy the partying crowds at night, but you like the sound of Kaffibarinn´s warm, dingy charm, then check it out in the daytime for a cozy coffee or draught beers on offer.


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Græna herbergið

Græna herbergið opened at Lækjargata 6a in Reykjavik on Friday, July 15, 2016. The owners are musicians and entrepreneurs Fridrik Ómar Hjörleifsson and Jógvan Hansen. Live music is available, as well as other kinds of events like disco weekends. The restaurant is on two floors with two bars offering the best wines and drinks.




Most of Reykjavík’s bars are unpretentious affairs, to say the least, with dress codes being almost unheard of. Almost. Enter Loftið, which serves high-end cocktails in a chic and breezy upstairs lounge. The decor—a smart wooden bar lit by a rack of dangling mismatched light bulbs, vintage-inspired wall hangings, classic barstools, and comfortable leather armchairs—draws a slightly older crowd, dressed smartly (jeans, collared shirts, jackets) to match and embellish the sophisticated atmosphere. The occasional jazz band will squeeze in too.


drink and play iceland