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Camp Xanadu

September 28 - 30, 2019
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The Age of the Adult Camp

Adult camps specializing in putting together weekends of fun to get us in touch with our inner child have been springing up across The States. Pinterest, which has been looking into travel trends for 2017, reports a 43% increase in interest in adult summer camps, based on searches and pins. The camps range from those who specialize in wellness to those who add cocktails to the mix, to the niche cowboy camps – all with a similar goal to relive those childhood summer nights, have fun with other people, and get off your phone.

The Difference of Camp Xanadu

Camp Xanadu exudes this adult camp mentality creating an action-packed digital detox getaway to Catalina Island, off the coast of California. Xanadu ads a special ingredient to their festivities – you may feel as if you are in an adult camp as they have maximized your schedule with fun actives, but there is also a social and environmental movement folded into the seams. It is where play meets purpose – hosted on a private cove of Catalina filled with its own island adventure. Xanadu curates relay races, team building exercises, and mind-expanding workshops – all designed around a good old-fashioned fun time.

What Camp Xanadu is

Camp Xanadu is a place you go to find your tribe, seek inspiration, connect with your inner child and discover adventure. Join in water excursions, interactive workshops, and some of your favorite classic camp activities.

Where is Camp Xanadu

It takes 1.5 hours by ferry to arrive at Catalina from the Long Beach. Camp Xanadu’s home is Emerald Bay: A Secret Seaside Playground only accessible via private charter. The secluded beaches and coves that surround Emerald Bay are frequently counted among the top ten destinations in The States for diving. Paddle through crystal clear waters, snorkel through the coral reef, explore the rugged wilderness, and experience the grounding effects of being surrounded by nature.

What you do at Camp

Camp Xanadu has a “choose-your-own-adventure” structure – as to cater to your mood. Whether you want to explore, learn, create, connect, or just chill, you have options from the well-balanced program of experiential playshops and keynote speakers with some of your favorite camp classic games.

The Activities Include:

Kayaking / Paddleboarding / Snorkeling / Canoeing /Free Diving / Oceanography / Marine Biology / Sunrise Hike

Leadership / Communication / Business / Team-Building / Group Discussions / Love & Relationships / Design Thinking / Blockchain 101

Painting / Creative Writing / Macrame / Jewelry Making / Leather Stamping / Dreamcatchers / Light & Photography / Night Photography

Silent Disco Yoga / Sound Bath Meditation / Arco Yoga / Slacklining / Raw Vegan Kitchen / Nutrition & Wellness / Gourmet Meals

Scavenger Hunts / Lawn Games / Archery / Wilderness Survival / Talent Show / Astronomy / Stargazing / Campfire Jams

Sexy Salsa & Club Dance / Vocal Class / Musical Performances / Improv / Talent Show / Silent Disco / Dress-up Dinners

Who Comes to CAMP

Students, creatives, entrepreneurs, nurses, doctors, CEOs, teachers, musicians, artists, bankers, writers, dancers, architects, developers, engineers, actors, servers, graphic designers, managers, investors, scientists, nutritionists, wellness coaches… the list goes on as camp does not discriminate. Whatever you do, wherever you’re from – adult camp will accept you.


And the occasional T-REX.  You never know when you will see one of those at camp.

Camp Xanadu Mission

The Xanadu mission is to bring happiness and good health into the lives of others by promoting five elements: Wellness, Education, Deep Connectivity, Nature Therapy and Green Living. Experiencing Xanadu is not just a weekend escape–it’s a community and way of living your life.

Packed Perfectly’s Experience


We landed at Emerald Bay before lunchtime. I was looking forward to getting back to nature and exploring Catalina Island. I went to settle in my tent, opting for a tent share with my partner. Cabins are boy/girl, really getting you back to that summer camp experience.

We had a loving introduction and opening ceremony followed by lunch. This time of year the bees swarm the picnic tables. If you are allergic, I suggest you bring proper medication with you.
After lunch, we had free time where we swam in the ocean, snorkeled, and kayaked.

Tonight is onesie night! We get dressed for dinner go to the talks given by inspiring women who are making an environmental difference through documentaries such as Plastic Paradise by Angela Sun, educational TV shows about Marine Biology and science with Dani W, and my personal favorite Chloe Dubois – whose company turns plastic into fuel with her non profit Ocean Legacy.

Everyone is in fun onesies for dinner which is fueled by the sweet sound of live music.  After we eat the comedic astronomer Kevin Hainline – gave one of the best talks about the stars and humanity I have ever heard, and Packed Perfectly participates in a lot of educational talks. My biggest take away was his stance on defeating racism by informing us we are all stardust, we are all made up of matter and light, and all of us are the same. If you want inspiration and knowledge Kevin will give it to you.

We put on headphones and head down to the pier and dance the night away silently to the outside world – under the bright stars, that I feel a lot closer too,  and get down at the silent disco party.


We start the day off with sunrise yoga on the pier, then coffee and breakfast. By this point, I have grown accustomed to the bees.
I learn Macrame with Esmerelda From Esme Designs, one of the playshop options. Then we go into our team building camp games which include an egg spoon race, relay, beanbag toss, tag, and other fun games.  Just this experience alone was worth gold. After Saturday night’s dinner, we bundle up and go to the amphitheater for the talent show. Performances include singers, dancers, acrobat performance, comedians, and improv groups. It is amazing to see the talent that comes out of LA.



Sunday brings another beautiful Catalina sunrise, we are heading to the pirate ship for pirate booty yoga with the founder, Gypsey Bast.
Another option you have is a paddle out and free diving lesson.

Playshops happen after we eat breakfast. I opt for acro yoga.
We have a fun day ahead – then board the ferry for a silent disco party and impromptu congo line ride home.

How to Give Back

Ocean Legacy

What’s Included in the Ticket
XANADU ferry

Round-trip private boat charter
Cabin or Tent Accommodations – 3 days/2 nights
7 delicious & nutritious meals
Curated weekend schedule + Team Building Activities
Special speakers & guest performers
Guided water excursions + access to kayaks, paddleboards, snorkel/fins, canoes

Use Code Packed Perfectly for $50 off the price of your ticket



September 28, 2019 @ 8:00 am
September 30, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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