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February 22 - 25, 2019
RANCHO LA MERCED, UVITA, Costa Rica | $333

Exciting Things to Do at Envision Festival 2018

Envision is a celebration dedicated to awakening human potential, providing a platform in the beachy jungle of Uvita Costa Rica for different cultures to co-exist and learn from each other in a sustainable community.  The community focuses on inspiring one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, and connection to nature.

Envision Festival is a celebration dedicated to awakening human potential. It provides a platform in the beachy jungle of Uvita, Costa Rica, for different cultures to coexist and learn from each other in a sustainable community. The community focuses on inspiring participants through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, and exposure to nature.

As part of this community, you’ll experience local culture, while exploring the exotic paradise of Costa Rica’s bio-diverse ecosystem. Come early to explore the surroundings, and stay for awhile after the festival is over. Looking for things to do at Envision Festival 2018? Check out our guide below and a few tips we’ve picked up from previous festivals.

Festival Tickets


General Admission

I purchased general admission tickets, along with a tent rental, and an early bird ticket to get to the grounds early and set up camp, under the pretense that I would get a good camping spot. Unfortunately, plenty of other people had the same idea. A few words of advice: Come even earlier than you think you should on the day of early admission.


VIP tickets provide more comfort. There are suites, bungalows, and tree houses to relax in. I believe the accommodations are worth the extra money. The entire VIP area is under the shade of beautiful trees. Shade is your biggest ally!


For those who prefer not to camp, there’s a package for tickets combined with a stay at an offsite hotel located just a few miles down the road from the festival.

My Living Situation


I arrived a day early with the early bird ticket, and still had to wait in line for hours to get into the grounds.  I picked up my tent and mattress pad rental and set up camp with a tarp on the ground to keep out the ants, and plenty of tapestries to block the sun.  Creating a space is a great way to get to know the people you are with and your neighbors.

The Village


After setting up, I went to explore the grounds. The village is set around a massive tree and has all of the ingredients of a proper village. There is a diverse food court, a shopping mall, healers, and a place to gather to listen to wisdom passed down from speakers. The Village Witches offer healing arts through body and energy work at the healing sanctuary. There is also an elixir bar and a sacred fire, with 24-hour gatherings and ceremonies.

Ways to Cool Off


The Ocean

Every morning, the blistering heat kicked me out of my tent at 6 a.m. I would immediately head down to the ocean to cool off. The walk leading to the ocean is like stepping into a different world. Locals sell coconuts, dried fruit, rice and beans, hand made crafts, and talk to you for hours about what it’s like to live in this beautiful area. The ocean is vast, and the current is strong, so be careful when cooling off with a swim.

Drinking Water

Filtered water hydration stations are free of charge, so bring your own bottle. These stations aren’t for hand washing, brushing your teeth, or doing dishes. It’s drinking water only. There are other stations marked for brushing teeth and washing dishes.


After an ocean swim, I head back to the village and grab breakfast. The coffee and fruit are delicious in Costa Rica, and smoothies are plentiful. There are morning workshops to join, including acro-yoga, healing, massage with the Village Witches, and listening keynote speakers. After a workshop, I grabbed my biodegradable soap and headed to the showers. There are co-ed showers in the front and women only on the other side. Shower hours run from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Uvita Waterfall


When the heat started to crest, I jumped in my rental car (an important thing to have) and drove 15 minutes from the festival grounds to the Uvita waterfall. The rental car helps if you want to explore the town, wish to check out other restaurants and bars, or would prefer to hop into a hotel pool during midday heat.

To get to the Uvita Waterfall, turn left at the first major intersection you see in Uvita, next to the Banco Costa Rica. It eventually turns into a rough, rocky road. Pass the Tucan Hotel on your right. Watch for signs for ‘La Catarata Uvita.’ Continue up the hill for a mile. You’ll come to a small restaurant. They make delicious fruit cocktails and have amazing food. The entrance to the waterfall is on your right, where you will be instructed to pay 1,000 Colones ($2 USD).

What to Expect at Envision


There are daily themes to participate in. Thursday was art and education. I partook in community art projects, painting alongside others on a giant canvas. Friday was earth and sustainability, Saturday had talks on community and culture, and Sunday’s theme was health, wellness, and spirituality. Each day, I participated in mediation, yoga, and healing ceremonies. The daily themes alone provide plenty of things to do at Envision Festival 2018.

Music and Dance


When the sun goes down, try to make time for a recuperative nap, because you’ll likely want to celebrate some sunrises with your fellow Envision-goers, as well as see all of the music stages. If you’re a music lover, visiting the stages is one of the most exciting things to do at Envision Festival 2018.

The Stages


The Lapa Stage plays music during the day and is home to house, techno, and, trance music. Artists including Cat’s Pajamas, Irie Eyes, MANDY, Lee Reynolds, Nice Fingers, Tara Brooks, and Zach Walker also played the stage.

The Village Stage is set up by the campgrounds and hosts music, meditation, and speakers. It’s a more intimate setting. David Avocado Wolfe spoke here along with other inspirational speakers, such as Envision founder Stephen Brooks.

The Village Witches Stage is situated by the food vendors, where you can listen to psychedelic stories over shared elixirs and cacao balls. The Sol Stage hosts a wide variety of genres. This is where I saw Beats Antique, and then had the pleasure of seeing Dirtwire for the first time. Both bands include the talented David Satori.

The Luna Stage is where you find the festivals sunrise sets. The stage is decorated to look like a giant moth and comes with entertainment from aerial acrobats, dancers, hoopers, and fire-spinners. Artists such as Hedflux, Medium Troy, Digital Rust, Beat Fatigue, and Lafa Taylor perform here. The Human Experience performed the grand finale of the festival. Expect to not leave the dance floor, and attach a water bottle to your person.



The Envision Art Gallery features work from visionary artists past and present. You see them sprinkled throughout the festival, using either digital mediums or painting a canvas that sits on a bamboo easel. If you’re an art lover, this, too is one of the most exciting things to do at Envision Festival 2018.


Costa Rica is predominantly a Catholic country. On Saturday, they held an anti-Envision protest organized by a local church. This blocked traffic for locals and foreigners alike. I spoke to locals who love the business and the tourism. Envision is one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing festivals. The jungle teaches patience, respect, and love.

Pura Vida!

Packing List:

  • Bikini
  • Passport
  • Sarong
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Backpack
  • Tent
  • Blow up mattress
  • Tapestries for shade
  • Rope
  • Biodegradable soap/shampoo
  • Incense
  • Scarf
  • Yoga shorts
  • Yoga shirt
  • Flipflops
  • Towel microfiber
  • Cash
  • Journal
  • Open mind

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February 22 @ 8:00 am
February 25 @ 5:00 pm
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