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November 9 - 12, 2019
Miami, FL, United States | $1

Summit at Sea Guide

Summit builds community and places that catalyze entrepreneurship, creative achievement, and global change to create a more joyful world.

Summit builds community and places that catalyze entrepreneurship, creative achievement, and global change to create a more joyful world. Summit at Sea is an elite event bringing together entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, activists, and athletes for a four-day cruise, from Miami to the Bahamas. It would be considered a networking event, yet it cultivates more friendships than puts business cards in your wallet. Check out our Summit at Sea guide and see if it’s right for you!

About the Event

The summit experience is divided up between content, wellness, culinary, art, performance, and impact. It has been subtly referred to as a conglomeration of Davos, Ted Talks, and Burning Man. In reality, it offers much more and packs it into four days.

Summit Series was founded in 2008 by Elliot Bisnow, Brett Leve, Jeff Rosenthal, Jeremy Schwartz, and Ryan Begelman. The story goes that Elliot send out a Facebook message to 19 new entrepreneurs, inviting them on a ski trip to Park City, Utah. Like-minded ideas blossomed, companies were created, and thoughts of an entrepreneurial community were formulated.

The Summit organization raised more than $2 million for charitable and nonprofit organizations. Now Summit has purchased a mountain in Utah called Powder Mountain, where they have almost year round events that are more intimate than ones found in a standard Summit at Sea guide.

Event Content

The content Summit brings to you is from visionaries of cultural revolutions, successful entrepreneurs, modern geniuses, the world’s greatest athletes, powerful historians, and leaders for social change, who are positively impacting our eating habits and climate change. Talks on relevant events, such as the growing economic divide, underlying racism, and understanding the global influence of Asia bring different perspectives and compassion.


The curated wellness events flow throughout the day. Interactive classes such as free-diving lessons, acro yoga, transcendence through movement, spiritual healers, yogis, are available.

The curated wellness events flow throughout the day. Interactive classes such as free-diving lessons, acro yoga, transcendence through movement, spiritual healers, yogis, are available. And there is the prominent sex therapist Esther Perel, who is one of my favorite speakers to hear, as she is always keeping relevant to the events surrounding the modern relationship.


Hitting the food scene is another activity for a Summit at Sea guide. Synergizing with the food revolution, Summit brings together an all-star culinary lineup, with celebrated chefs from popular, sustainable restaurants like The Fat Radish, The Real Coconut, Bone and Broth, and more, whose carefully selected ingredients including grass-fed organic beef, all organic produce, and locally caught sustainable fish.


A diversified group of artists take over the ship, from sound-producing kinetic sculptures, to digital mediums, to canvas, to photography. Everywhere you turn, there is something to appreciate. Art appreciation should be a top recommendation in any Summit at Sea guide.


The unique, intimate performances on this ship never fail to entertain. Foster the people, Gallant, Bob Moses, Thievery Corporation, Allen Stone, Quantic, Rhye, Chances with Wolves are just a few musicians to peak your interest.


The Summit Institute is creating opportunities to generate an impactful, positive change in the world. They are specifically working on how to make blockchain a secure source for economical and social development. The institute also encourages Americans to implement their ideas on making websites more accessible, provide aid to Middle Eastern refugees, and be committed to gender diversity.

Personal Reflections

Embarking on my third summit experience, I know to give myself plenty of time in Miami for pre-events, and a few days after the festival to decompress to let the lessons sink in. I look over the Summit at Sea APP marking my schedule with presenters I want to see, the wellness I want to attend, music, and restaurant pop-up opening times. I always want to pack as much into my schedule as possible.

The moment you board the ship, you realize how quickly others open up to you and how eager you are to engage. Elevators, usually a place where you can hear a pin drop among strangers, are full of cheers and meaningful conversations. This motto should rein: Make no small talk. I lost my voice on day three.

There are so many activities like zorb soccer and archery tag, which provide opportune moments to connect with people. Plato did say, “You get to know someone better by playing for an hour, than by talking for a year.” I barely had time to shower before Foster The People start playing on the Main deck.

Thursday offered an 11 a.m. speech with Blue Bottle Coffee CEO, Bryan Meehan, then Jose Gonzalez played at the pool. I run to catch the tail in of The New Cannabis Economy talk and chastise myself for missing Erin Brockovich. But I was having lunch with one of my favorite authors, Graham Hancock, and his wife, while trying not to geek out.

I listen to Kimbal Musk talking about the future of sustainable agriculture. At dinner, I sit next to a bright young mind who illustrates Blockchains pros, cons, and capabilities. Rhye is performing, then Thievery Corporation. I dance the night away at the DJ Green Lantern.

Friday and Saturday were full of beautiful moments and connections with new people, wellness activities, and Quentin Tarantino chatting about his upbringing in film with Kendrick Lamar. I opt to watch Eric Schmidt discuss the future of robotics from a transient bar. Before I know it 4 a.m. creeps up, and we go for a pancake breakfast.

I wished the cruise would last a week. I left feeling rejuvenated about the future, new friendships and prospects. Summit Series brings passionate people together who, in turn, make passionate projects come to life.

Summit Today

Currently Summit has landed a more permanent home on Powder Mountain and throw the major event in downtown LA.

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November 9, 2019 @ 8:00 am
November 12, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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