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Bariloche, Argentina

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We are implementing science-based conservation solutions at a scale that matters.

From the Patagonia grasslands to the Pampas in southwest Buenos Aires to the dry forests of the Greater Chaco and the heart of the Mendoza wine region, we are working to ensure that future generations will still know Patagonia as a wild place at the edge of a thriving, healthy planet!


Grasslands are among the least protected and least conserved natural habitats across the globe. Argentina’s Patagonian steppe spans 30 percent of the entire nation, with less than 1 percent of its surface officially recognized as conservation areas. Surrounded by oceans on either side and with elevations ranging from sea level to over 13,000 feet, the Patagonia region shelters unique and diverse communities of plants and wildlife including the rare Patagonian opossum, the characteristic guanaco (a relative of the llama) and the flightless rhea.

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