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Cairo, Egypt

Kayan Egypt Project

Create a disabled-friendly society; make people with disabilities partners and life better for everyone

Kayan seeks integration of people with disabilities in society and enabling them actively participates in developing their community. This is attained through pioneering and high-quality projects, building social partnerships and investing resources and potentials.

Strategic Goals 
1- Boosting rights of people with disabilities and their families to attain their rights.
2- Building capabilities of community organizations to elevate the quality of services provided to people with disabilities.
3- Paving the way for social acceptance of integration of people with disabilities in all walks of life.
4- Developing criteria for the quality of services in rehabilitation organizations.
5- Establishing five pilot centers for rehabilitation, inclusion, and empowerment of people with disabilities in several Egyptian governorates that apply quality criteria, and creating a positive attitude in society towards people with disability.

Sponsor a Child

Kayan is sponsoring more than 500 handicapped children in five governorates (Cairo – Beni Suef -almnaa – Assiut – Sohag)
Provide them with rehabilitation services, capacity development and speech and physical therapy and family counseling, and qualify them to get their right to life
The needs of children in Upper Egypt:

Proper nutrition
Rehabilitation services (physical therapy – speech – Capacity Development – intelligence tests – social integration)
Education Services
# Ensure the child: the average monthly per child sponsorship = 500 Egyptian pounds

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