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Cusco, Peru

Niños del Sol

Once named Case De Milagros, Niños del Sol is a children’s home that supports children of trauma, abuse, and negligence. Many of the children here are orphaned or abandoned and left to survive on their own. The family currently has 33 children that are being raised with love, and 18 of these children are in need of funds to go to college. Niños del Sol is solely supported by a U.S. board(501(c)(3) charity), which makes the tax-deductible donation the only way of survival for the children’s home in Peru. Since the Founder, Mama Kia’s death, Viviana and Avishai has been responsible for the home and taking care of the children, giving these children hope to a better and promising life with care and education. While the kids have achieved many accomplishments, help is still needed in order for them to graduate from Universities and continue giving back to society.

There are several ways for you to get involved! You can help out with the U.S. Board by volunteering your time and effort from the comfort of your home; visit Peru and volunteer long-term for Niños del Sol by supporting and caring for the children in person; chip in to individual or group service projects; or simply pay a visit to the children’s home in Peru!

Donating to Niños del Sol requires no long-term commitment, but can definitely use some small amount of monthly support. A simple $20.00 can help support all 33 children for a week, so why not?

Niños del Sol

Calle Pisagua, Torrechayoc,

Urubamba, Peru

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Tel: (314)200-5772