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ROMP is the first and only dedicated, subsidized spay/neuter program in the Trans-Pecos area with the exception of the City of El Paso.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere that encourages and supports spay and neuter as an humanely acceptable and viable means to reduce the problem of pet overpopulation. Presidio and surrounding counties consist of small, rural, isolated communities in Far West Texas.  In some areas, as much as 26% of the population is below poverty level. Veterinary practice is still to a large extent focused on large animal care. The nearest low-cost spay/neuter clinic is hundreds of miles away. Mobile clinics from metropolitan areas such as Austin, Dallas, Houston are unable to drive the required 10-12 hours to service our area.  There is no veterinary clinic in Presidio County. There are veterinary clinics in the two neighboring counties.