How to Give
Ushuaia, Patagonia, Argentina

Mission Wolf

Mission: Wolf is a peaceful sanctuary for captive wolves and wolf-dog crosses.  At present, we care for 30 wolves and wolf-dog crosses.  All of the animals living at Mission: Wolf share a common trait – they were all born in a cage. Right now in the US, there are over a quarter of a million wolves in captivity and fewer than 10,000 wolves in the wild. Most of the captive wolves born each year do not survive to see their first birthday, as they are often destroyed or neglected.

We figure that if you have a wolf in a cage, it’s good for one thing: to teach people not to put wolves in cages. Every year we travel the country with our ambassador wolves to teach people about the value of wild wolves and the drawbacks of trying to keep a wild animal as a pet. Our goal is to put ourselves out of business. When we educate enough people that there are no longer captive wolves in need of rescue, we can tear down our fences, turn the wolf sanctuary into a nature center, and listen to the wolves howling in the wild.

Mission: Wolf operates on volunteer labor, solar power, and donated materials, you can be sure that 100% of your donation will go to help our wolves.

General donations go to support the overall daily well being and care of Mission:Wolf

You may also choose to donate to our Land Trust Fund to preserve the surrounding land of Mission:Wolf. Were wild wolves to one day return to Colorado, this would offer them a home untainted by human influence.

You may also choose to donate to our Crimson Fund, which helps pay for veterinary care for our animals.