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Tips & Tricks: How to Stay Vegan While Traveling

How to Stay Vegan While Traveling

by Eileen Popovich, Rock Star Vegan , chef and Author of Lets go Vegan








A lot of people ask me how to stay with a vegan or plant-based diet and also travel. So I decided to put together this quick little list of tips and tricks when traveling as a vegan. At first, it felt daunting for me as well. But hopefully, through my trial and error, you will gain some very important vegan wisdom, and be able to eat no matter where you have traveled.

First I will say that, although I do not make it a regular thing, I will most definitely go to Taco Bell in a jam. Their bean and rice burrito with no sauce is vegan. And so is the Taco Bell sauce! They actually have a few things on their menu that can be made vegan, this is just the one I feel is the safest bet and can be communicated the easiest in all airports, in any language. Having to go over things like butter, sour cream or cheese can pose difficult if there is a language barrier. If you do have a question at any international fast food place or chain there will usually be a Google search that can help guide you in a jam.

The other good go-to I have is Avocado Toast. Almost every diner in the US has sourdough toast. And it is almost always vegan- just order it dry. Then all you need to order is a side of avocado with tomatoes or cucumbers and you have a pretty good meal. I recommend drizzling olive oil on it or adding cracked pepper and salt, maybe even get some chili flakes. Avocados for the win!

The third tip I have for people who travel a lot is to get a small hand held blender. One that can be packed with your checked bag. Then all you need for a quick smoothie on the go is whatever options are available to you. That might only be coconut water and bananas from 7-11, but it will fill you up. Smoothies on the go are clutch at times. They can be made with all kinds of local fruits, depending on where you travel and can even be poured over soaked oats as a nutrient dense cereal. Also, oatmeal is vegan. Just order it plain. And ask for maple syrup or avocado and sea salt for something more savory.

And finally PB & J sandwiches, or whatever type of nut or seed butter you prefer. These are perfect for road trips or camping. They are nutrient dense, carb heavy and filling. They are a great go to. You can be as creative as you want with these.

So there you go. I hope these tips help even one person out there traveling and trying to stay vegan. The world appreciates you. I appreciate you. Namaste

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By Eileen Popovich