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How and Where to Party in Ibiza

The party gods smile on the white sandy beaches and crystal waters of the tiny Balearic Island, Ibiza, off the coast of Spain. Yes, there are quiet villages and yoga retreats, but I am not going to discuss those. I am going to inform you off all the debauchery you can get yourself into. The parties, the fun, the DJ’s, the clubs, the dancing, and the bronze bodies you will meet along the way at various locations.

So, you’re probably wondering where to party in Ibiza… but you need to get there first.

Getting There

Usually, from a connecting flight in Madrid or Barcelona, you can be in Ibiza in an hour. But do not expect to find a Sim card at the airport for those with an unlocked phone–the airport is small. So Ibiza travel tip #1: It’s best to have a pre-arranged driver to alleviate lost island time.

Conquering Ibiza Requires A Mindful Itinerary

I flew in for my girlfriend’s birthday, along with 21 other people from around the world. We rented a massive villa complete with a DJ room downstairs, a private chef, and day beds along the pool. If you have a massive group of people, renting a villa is always more fun and more economical. Planning anything with this many people could be filled with tiny disasters and clashing personalities, with arguments breaking out over where to party in Ibiza–yet we didn’t have one negative issue. It was planned perfectly around which day-parties to attend, what DJ’s we wanted to see, much needed down time at the villa with our group of friends, a boozy boat trip around the island, and exploring the stunning natural less crowded neighboring island of Formentera.

Mastering The Sleep: Hangover Ratio, Food: Naughtiness Ratio

Food and rest were also carefully thought out as it is easy to burn out in Ibiza and wind up in the medical facility. Granted, if you are feeling like your hangover is unbearable, there is a service called Reliv where nurses come to your house or hotel and administer IV drips to rehydrate you and administer vitamin B shots.

My itinerary was so well planned I have shared it with you below to give you a sample of a week in Ibiza where everything worked out perfectly, and of course, I was packed perfectly for each occasion.

Ibiza travel tip #2: you must master the sleep: hangover ratio, the food: naughtiness ratio, and dancing to wee hours of the morning then flopping on a day bed and waking up by the pool wondering how in the world you got so tan ratio.

Packed Perfectly’s Mindful Itinerary



Everyone arrives at the Villa, bedrooms are assigned, food and drinks are set out, and we get down to business. FUN. Relaxing by the pool with new and old friends, catching up on our lives across the globe. On day one, it’s good to allow yourself plenty of time to relax, enjoy each others’ company, drink, eat a lovely dinner, and get dressed up for a night out at Pacha!


Arrive at Pacha around 1:30 am

The line up:

Danny Howard
Bob Sinclar

Disclaimer on the Evening:

Have good friends.

It was great to have a lot of wonderful bodyguards/friends.   I had the best time ever dancing, but girls beware if you don’t want attention from outsiders while dancing on the main floor, your going to get it anyway.  Guys are back to their basic natural instincts in Ibiza clubs, and they are hunting.  If you don’t feel like dancing with strange men I suggest you keep to your crowd and keep the taller people on your outside.



As we stroll in at 7a.m. some of us dive in the pool and float around soaking our aching feet, others run to bed not to see each other until mid-day. And mid-day is spent at the pool on the day bed, enjoying pouring champagne down each other’s throats. Our chef cooked us a massive dinner and explained the history of Paella. It is a Spanish dish of rice, saffron, chicken, and seafood, cooked and served in a large shallow pan.


I enjoyed a night off from the club scene and instead, relaxed with my villa mates and went to bed at an unreasonable hour.



On Monday, we hire a catamaran to take us around the island. Most importantly, we want one with a DJ setup, that will comfortably fit our crew, 6 hours or more of cruising time, lunch, and plenty of dance space. Our captain took us to several great beaches, found a bunch of places to snorkel, and even took us to some incredible cliffs that we could jump off of. When you’re planning out where to party in Ibiza, don’t skip this one.

We docked into the bustling sunset strip of San Antonio, once described by Time Out magazine as “arguably the clubbing capital of the universe.”


Café Mambo

The perfect spot for a sunset meal which is great to sit outside and people watch in the evening, eat tapas, and drink cocktails. As the sun goes down DJ’s Nervo turn up the beats and the suddenly it’s daylight again.



One of the most pristine and expensive day clubs to enjoy is Blue Marlin. The attire is beach chic, where models catwalk around you in bikinis you can buy at the store a few feet away.

Disclaimer: Bikini shopping is dangerous after champagne. You have been warned. If you are anything like me, good luck!

You have the option of renting daybeds or cabanas. The menu is different from the cabanas to the main restaurant, so if you are hungry I suggest you eat at the main dining room then move to the cabana. If you are catching sun and swimming in the sea, rent the day beds on the beach. It is a great place to watch the sun go down and pregame until you go to the next place–which in my case was Ushuaia.


Ushuaia is everything you want in Ibiza rolled into one. If you’re wondering where to party in Ibiza without having to worry about getting back to your hotel–book a room here. Ushuaia is a vast hotel with VIP rooms overlooking the club, a day club, and one of the biggest clubs on the island. It is massive. And brings in a young boisterous crowd. Dancing in the pool is acceptable. The line at the bar on the main floor can be daunting. If you are staying here, splurge for the experience of a VIP room looking over the dance club, which is like having a club in your hotel room.



You have now entered fun overload. It’s time to relax and explore. We take a family trip to the neighboring island, the beautiful Formentera.

It takes 35 minutes by ferry, or you can rent a boat.

The island is small, but to cover it and maximize our time we rented bikes and road to the restaurant Beso Beach located south of the beach Cavall d’en Borras. Beso is a trendy spot and can lead to dancing on the table at lunch. (So much for relaxing)

For a quieter place to watch the sunset, there is the restaurant Es Moli de la Sal, an old salt mill with picturesque views of the area.


We decided to take the last ferry back and save our energy for Thursday.



Ibiza travel tip #3: It’s okay to sleep!


Dancing at Pacha for David Guetta’s Fuck Me I’m Famous Party. Glow in the Dark, Kaz James, Stadium X.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked.



Sleeping in never felt so good. Until I woke up to a big brunch of jamon and cheese, eggs, and mimosas. The next few hours I spent relaxing by the pool. It’s easy to not want to leave one’s house when you have good friends, food, and music.


Double Club Night.

Amnesia. (the name says it all)



I force myself on a plane.

Lara’s Most Memorable Moment

I believe I spent most of my time in Ibiza dancing, and sometimes when you are dancing you lose the sense of what is going on around you because you are lost in the beat–in the groove–in your surroundings. After a long delicious day at Blue Marlin, we went to Pacha to hear Bob Sinclair, this is longevity at its finest, and making every moment count. My hair is mushed up in a ponytail to deal with the heat, luckily I am in wedges and not stilettos.

So here I am, on the dance floor with my friends, not a care in the world–until I slightly notice the collective wing span of Team Tall, one of my favorite couples, who both happen to be on the latter side of 6 feet. Unbeknownst to me, and much to my benefit they were both also very protective.

Apparently, some guys with bad intentions were trying to dance with me and Team Tall made sure they did not come into my radius. I smiled as I noticed this, as I feel like my entire life I have been the protective one to my friends. My heart was so warm–and my mouth so dry.

Additional Ibiza Travel Tips

  • Ibiza is expensive. Go in knowing that.
  • Buy tickets in advance and make reservations ahead of time.
  • Use the buddy system. I can’t stress that enough. Your Mom told you nothing good happens after midnight. Don’t prove her right. This is not the place to wander off on your own.
  • Hydrate and eat.
  • Sim cards are hard to find; pick one up at the airport if you need to.
  • Use the on-call nurses at Reliv to keep you going if need be. They come to your house/hotel/etc.

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