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Greek Islands Travel Guide
for Mykonos

The moment you step off the plane, you start to feel the relaxation / party vibe of the Greek Island Mykonos. Everyone who flocks to the island is here to unwind at the beach by day and party until the early morning at night. We know party islands usually get a bad rap, but Mykonos is undeniably chic and a has perfect atmosphere for however you wish to spend your time.

Winding mazes of white washed alleys are dotted with pretty, blue accents, originally built to confuse pirates, as they approached to the island. The alleys are now littered with boutique shops and world-class eateries.

Making Your Way Around Town

The first thing to take care of after arriving is renting a car, motorbike, or ATV. The most important thing in Mykonos is ensuring you have freedom to explore all the island has to offer. One of the major setbacks is not enough taxis on the island. Unless you have your own transportation, you’ll spend lots of time waiting on taxis, even if you stay at the most luxurious resorts.

If you have a large group with you, I recommend planning ahead and booking a minibus to take you to dinner parties or clubs. Tip: If you’ve arranged for the bus to return and pick you up at the end of the night, don’t pay the driver up front, as the bus may not come back.

One of the most important Mykonos travel tips: Regardless of how you travel, hiring a Greek Islands travel guide will help you decide where to go and get there quickly.

Eat Cutting Edge or Classic Cuisine

Often, the best nights in Mykonos are spent sitting in the main square of the town for long, boozy dinners. It’s a wonderfully classic Greek scene with fantastic food.

Kiki’s, on Agios Sostis Beach, is a delicious taverna with a timeless, rustic vibe despite its luxurious setting, while Eva’s Garden serves up amazing local fare in the heart of Mykonos Town.

Be sure to check out these restaurants: Bakalo, Catari, Chez Katrine, and Matsuhisa by Nobu.

Visit The Best Beaches and Parties

Ornos is my favorite beach on the island for relaxation and winding down. Ornos may not be as busy as party beaches Psarou and Super Paradise, but it has a number of cool beach bars, with some of the best sushi and seafood. The music isn’t overpoweringly loud, and beach day beds ― which come with a towel and attentive service ― are comfy and affordably priced at 10 euros per day.

Ammos has one of the best auras among beach bars on Ornos, making you feel like a VIP over lunch, before you go back to laying in the sun and working on your tan.

If you want to get out of town and escape the crowds, hire a speedboat in Kalafatis, and travel to the lagoon on Rhenia ― Delos’ sister island ― with the help of a Greek islands travel guide. It won’t be deserted, as there is no such thing as a private beach in Mykonos. So, count on at least one or two superyachts getting there before you. I think it is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches in the Aegean. With turquoise shallows and white powder sand, it’s a Robinson Crusoe moment you won’t forget.

Located just past Panormos bay, Agios Sostis beach is a stretch of golden sand surrounded by pine-covered cliffs. This is a quieter beach, with the bluest, most beautiful water.

Attend the Ultimate Beach Party

Back on Mykonos, it’s time to toss on a Flynn Skye playsuit over your Cantik Swimwear bikini, and head to the ultimate playground for partying like a rockstar: Nammos. I recommend arriving to Nammos around 10:30-11:00 am to ensure you don’t miss out on the daybeds, which can’t be reserved in advance.

A lounge chair on the sand at Nammos is the perfect spot for a pre-lunch cocktail. You can reserve a table at Nammos Restaurant, where you’ll be treated to some of the best seafood and customer service on the island. Make sure you try the feta stuffed squid. Tip: small tips to your table staff throughout the day guarantee elite service.

During the day, Nammos is a relatively calm beach bar and restaurant, but around 4 p.m., be prepared for the music to switch gears and lift a few decibels. The staff removes tables and chairs from the restaurant, and the entire site morphs into a banging beach party. Our group spent enough money on French rose to give us access to the swinging chairs, which are supposedly reserved for high spenders (400 Euros should do the trick).

Nammos has a new rival in the establishment Scorpios Mykonos ― a restaurant / beach club in Paraga with Bedouin décor, an organic menu, and a beautiful, swaying palms. Think Boho chic. It’s a bit calmer than dancing on the tables at Nammos, but the food is delicious, and the ambiance is superb. This is a place where you are happy to spend three hours at lunch.

More Nightlife

If you want to party hard into the following day, nothing beats a trip to Cavo Paradiso, a massive discotech at the point of Super Paradise, overlooking the sea. If you can handle the pace and last until dawn, you’ll see the sun rise over the ocean, as you dance in a sexy Nookie dress. In the summer months, particularly June and July, Cavo consistently showcases big performers, so make sure to buy tickets online ahead of time.

As your Greek islands travel guide can explain, one alternative to Cavo is Jackie O ― a gay bar in Paraportiani that’s very much for anyone who loves dancing on tables and having a fun night with friends, old and new.

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