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Seattle, Washington

Your Seattle Trivia

Ah, Seattle, the charming misty city. Seattle was named for the indigenous chief Si’ahl (pronounced Seattle) in 1786-1866, of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes. Today Seattle is in a tech boom as cranes hover above soon to be new Amazon skyscrapers – 18 new buildings to be exact. Google and Facebook live here too. Starbuck’s headquarters also resides in the Seattle mist. You can find the very first Starbucks in the Pike Market, down the street from the first Nordstroms. Seattle starts things and it means business.

Here are some interesting facts if you ever have a Seattle trivia night:

It doesn’t always rain in Seattle, that it is a common misconception, but the weather in the Pacific North West is quite a damp experience.
The city has distinguished its place in history as the birthplace of the 1990’s grunge movement, applying the way of life and wardrobe to the style and attitude of the city. Nirvana and Peral Jam weren’t necessarily spearheading the grunge movement as we thought – they were part of it – just like every other flannel wearing human in the grunge culture.


If you are planning to travel outside of the city rent a car on 5th Ave. You can find Avis, Budget, and Hertz. For city dwellers, there is no need to pay for parking when you can ride the famous 1960s monorail. Another addition from the 1960’s world fair, launching the Space Needle.


Between the coffee shops, you will stride in and out of here is a very curated list – as we indeed ate our way through Seattle.

The Best Breakfast
Portage Bay
-has four locations that serve hefty portions and take reservations.

Honest Biscuit
-my favorite Biscuit stop in Pikes Market

Wandering Goose
-is for a Southern-style breakfast in a homey setting: grits, biscuits, eggs, and hash.

Lunchtime Fun
Walrus and the Carpenter
-this is the best oyster bar in the city

Un Bien
-is a Caribbean sandwich shop, over-serving for a good price point.

Le Pichet
-traditional French bistro boasts both a legendary roast chicken that takes up to an hour to prepare and an informal charm that makes diners want to linger all afternoon with some charcuterie and cheese.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer
-hits all the familiar notes that drive her fans wild: a range of peppery and fruity ginger beer flavors, soft-serve floats, boozy frozen slushies, and fried chicken.

Posquitos on Capitol Hill
-damn good Mexican food and a great outdoor patio.

Best Dinner Spots
The Pink Door
-is a hidden gem in the Pike Place neighborhood. Behind the actual pink door, you’ll find cozy candlelit tables, Italian cuisine, a charming patio, and romantic atmosphere. It is dinner and a show. The lounge has live performances of jazz music, cabaret, burlesque, and trapeze art.

-sushi legend Shiro Kashiba continues to spread his influence throughout Seattle. Ordering omakase at the chef’s counter is the best way to experience this intimate restaurant’s Edomae-style sushi.

FlintCreek Cattle
-focuses more on responsibly raised game meats (quail pate, bison hanger steak, wild boar shoulder) than on beef.

Matt’s in the Market
-the seafood is absolutely fresh and the location overlooking Pike Place Market’s famous sign is about as Seattle as it gets.

Din Tai Fung
– the location may shock you, but I would travel almost anywhere for these delightful dumplings — soup dumplings and crispy-yet-juicy Jian Buns

Favorite Neighborhood to Chill
Capital Hill
This is where many of the bars in the city are concentrated, as well as
restaurants and shops and a cat cafe called Neko that is pretty cool.  Go adopt a kitty.

Cool things TO DO

Ride the Slut to Biscuit Bitch

This is an actual thing. The Slut aka South Lake Union Streetcar will take you all around the city. Thrill list put together a pub crawl via Slut here
Biscuit Bitch will start off your morning with a giggle and a biscuit.

The Nirvana – Kurt Cobain Tour

My sister and I decided to honor Kurt Cobain’s legacy while in Seattle. We visited his house (151 Lake Washington Blvd E Seattle, Washington). The last bar he was seen in, Linda’s Tavern. Marco Polo motel, one of his last escapes, then drove to Aberdeen to visit the home he grew up in, next to young street bridge:

Young Street Bridge
Fans from all over the world have left messages for Kurt Cobain in the form of graffiti beneath the Young Street Bridge. The Young Street Bridge and Riverfront Park, also known as Kurt Cobain Landing are located on the northwest edge of Aberdeen, at the end of the 1100 block of East Second Street.

It features a sign with Cobain’s picture on it and the lyrics to the song, Something in the Way, which is about the Young Street Bridge at the edge of the park that Cobain allegedly slept under. Cobain immortalized the bridge through music, but now the bridge immortalizes Cobain.

Argosy Dinner Boat

A great way to see the Seattle Coastline is to start off with a dinner cruise.

Historic Pikes Place Market Street
This is a Seattle staple where vendors throw fish, you can get fresh food of all kinds from local farmers, and plenty of homemade crafts.  Walk around here during the day and shop at Ketch, Horseshoe Boutique, and Secret Garden books.

Fremont Troll

Visit the Fremont Troll, an 18-feet sculpture gripping a Volkswagen car sitting beneath the Aurora Bridge. Afterward browse Fremont’s art galleries and shops, Theo Chocolate Factory, and Schilling Cider House with more than 30 craft ciders, as well as classes and tastings.

The Space Needle

It’s one of those tourist attractions you do because they built it and it has a view. Luckily you can get a deal on Expedia for Space needle, MoPOP(Museum of Pop Culture.), and Chihuly garden tickets – perfect because you can walk to all three.

Chihuly Gardens

Born in 1941 in Tacoma, Washington, Dale Chihuly was introduced to glass while studying interior design at the University of Washington. He has created more than a dozen well-known series of works, among them, Cylinders and Baskets in the 1970s; Seaforms, Macchia, Venetians, and Persians in the 1980s; Niijima Floats and Chandeliers in the 1990s; and Fiori in the 2000s. He is also celebrated for large architectural installations. In 1986, he was honored with a solo exhibition, Dale Chihuly objets de verre, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Palais du Louvre, in Paris. In 1995, he began Chihuly Over Venice, for which he created sculptures at glass factories in Finland, Ireland, and Mexico, then installed them over the canals and piazzas of Venice.

Seattle Ferris Wheel

If heights don’t frighten you, jump on the 175-foot-tall Seattle Great Wheel (the tallest Ferris Wheel on the West Coast), which extends over Elliott Bay.


When you’re ready to hit the town, head to cocktail bar/speakeasy Needle & Thread. You’ll need a reservation (call in advance) or a password to enter through a bank vault.

If you would prefer a warm, plant-filled, airy environment, head to Rachel’s Ginger Beer, which serves refreshing home-made ginger beer by the pint or mixed in cocktails.

Check out the Unicorn bar.  It is where corn dogs meet cocktails, a carnival-themed bar with arcades & a stage downstairs

Nature Field Trips

Hop in your car and head to Golden Gardens beach for breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountain Range and Puget Sound. At the end of the beach are wetlands where you’ll likely see beavers, ducklings, turtles, and herons.

Hikes 30ish minutes from Seattle

Poo Poo Point
Difficulty: Super easy
Length: 7.2 miles
Poo Poo Point is the closest and easiest hike for Seattleites, On a clear day, you can watch paragliders launch from the bald spot Weyerhaeuser shaved into the shoulder of the mountain in the 1970s.

Mount Si
Difficulty: Meaningful
Length: 8 miles (and you feel every one)
Old reliable. Even in the middle of winter, even when covered in snow, you can almost always get up and down this one without fearing for your life. For this and other reasons, the mountain is popular.

Melakwa Lake
Difficulty: Medium spicy
Length: 8.5 miles
In general, it is fun for the whole family. For those who prefer to bathe in a pair of shimmering emerald lakes surrounded by jagged peaks can continue walking for a few more miles through a gorgeous valley, past a massive waterfall, up to a moderately challenging ridge, and down to the lake region.

Snoqualmie Falls
Drive 40 mins East to Snoqualmie Falls, a 268-foot waterfall The hikes here is wonderful. Here is a list of hiking in the area

If you want to stay overnight check out the Salish Lodge

Alki Beach
Alki Beach Park, a long beach strip that runs from Alki Point to Duwamish Head on Elliott Bay. It’s a great spot for a 2.5-mile walk any time of year, and in the summer draws joggers, rollerbladers, volleyball players, beachcombers, sunbathers, bicyclists and strollers out to enjoy the sun. If you come to Alki beach Eat at Arthurs. Order the avo smash. Literally, the best menu and everything we had was ‘talk about later worthy.’

There are many sporty things to do on the Tacoma waterfront. It is also a beautiful spot to eat at one of the many waterfront restaurants and take in the sunset. We recommend the Lobster Shop

Summit Mt Rainier

Are you a summiter? That is awesome. Here is some inspiration for you.

Festivals to Plan your trip around

Seattle boasts a vibrant festival scene that’s jam-packed with all kinds of art, music and cultural festivals throughout the year including Bumbershoot, Seattle Fringe FestivalCapitol Hill Block PartyNorthwest Folklife Festival, and the Seattle International Film Festival.

Seattle’s musical fame has a long history with names like of Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains. Almost any music festival you attend here will have ties to the Emerald City’s incredibly music history.

Best Book to Read While You’re in Seattle

Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins

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    The House Kurt Cobain Grew Up in

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    The Fremont Troll

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