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Sharm el Sheikh Travel Guide

Until relatively recently, the area known as Sharm El Sheikh was nothing more than a few miles of beautiful beach and tents. Today, it’s a thriving international resort town overflowing with glittering luxury.

Once you arrive in Cairo, Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh is just a 45-minute flight to the “City of Peace”, situated on the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula, with the Red Sea on one side and Mount Sinai on the other.

Good Temperatures for Great Times

Sharm El Sheikh enjoys a hot, dry desert climate, with just two seasons throughout the year. Winter typically lasts from November to February and summer falls between March and October. During summer, average temperatures range between a mild 21°C (69°F) and a scorching 33°C (91°F). Winter sees slightly cooler average temperatures, ranging between a low of 18°C (64°F) and a high of 23°C (73°F).

Relaxing Places to Rest Your Head

The Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh has a luxury, three-bedroom villa that comes with a pool and a private beach. A beautiful, handcrafted wooden staircase led us from our pool down to the sparkling Red Sea below, and Cadillac golf carts and drivers were on hand to take us wherever we wanted to go.

Sharm spares no expense on luxury. If five-star lodging is in your budget, practically every Sharm el Sheikh Travel Guide will recommend you to stay here for at least a few nights.

Experience the Ancient Red Sea

The Red Sea has some absolutely spectacular scuba diving and snorkeling spots. Stingrays shine fluorescent, the flora is alive with deep red and orange tones, and the fish are tropical and vibrant. Super yachts line the sea like the white tents line the shore. Hiring a Sharm el Sheikh travel guide is a great way to see all of the water body’s most amazing spots.

Visit Exciting Clubs and Nightspots

Many different Pacha nightclubs are scattered around the globe. In my opinion, none are quite as exotic as the location in Sharm el-Sheikh. As I was ushered to a table, I glanced upwards at the sky. Twinkling stars winked back at me. The owner explained to us that ― due to the glorious weather ― the club needs no ceiling!

Directly below me stood the DJ, with a room full of people cutting loose in a big, foamy mess. I knew I would eventually end up in the foam party. My table was entertained throughout the night by a phenomenal light show, hoards of lithe dancers, and enough bottles of Cristal and Grey Goose to intoxicate the Nile.

More great places to play:

If you’re vacationing in Sharm El Sheikh mainly for the night life, hiring a Sharm el Sheikh travel guide is the easiest way to hit the best clubs and avoid the mediocre ones. Bring your best dancing shoes, and plan on the party just getting started after midnight!