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Tips and Tricks: How to take the perfect travel photo for Instagram by influencer Carlinn Meyer

How to take the perfect travel photo for Instagram by influencer Carlinn Meyer

For me one of the best parts of traveling the world is collecting all the beautiful moments I get to experience by taking photos. These days we also want to share these images on social media and want them to truly reflect what you saw in that moment. 

It’s not always easy to get that perfect travel photo for instagram especially if you are short on time or at a crowded tourist area. There are a few tips and tricks you can follow though to make it a bit easier to get your dream image for instagram!

Wake up early

Morning light is glorious for photos but it is also usually the quietest time of day even in big crowded cities like Rome and Paris! If you are in search of the perfect picture at the Trevi Fountain or a magical memory at Eiffel Tower I would definitely suggest getting to these places just after sunrise. 

It will definitely feel less pressured and more comfortable when there are fewer people around and you have the added bonus of not wasting a lot of your precious exploration time!

Have someone in your photos

A lot of the time people want to be able to feel like they too could be in this beautiful area. By putting someone in the frame it definitely adds to the wanderlust factor. It’s also great to use someone for scale if you have a gorgeous mountain view or high cliff face that you are photographing as it adds to that wow factor. 

Take advantage of golden hour

That perfect hour of light before the sun sets is really the easiest time to get a great photo! The light is softer and warmer and generally makes everything look beautiful and dreamy! Some of the best photo opportunities are during this time as light plays such a big part in how an image turns out. 

Work your angles

Perspective is everything when posting on instagram. You want to make your photo look striking and dramatic. Try taking a photo from ground level to make buildings seem taller and more imposing or getting a great reflection that gives an interesting effect.

Keep it simple

Sometimes a striking simple photo works really well on instagram. Think opposing colours of a building or bright blue ocean against white sand. 

Plan ahead

If you are scared that you will not have enough time to find the perfect locations for your instagram travel photos then you should definitely plan ahead. Before you go on your trip sit down and search for potential photo spots. Check when these places will have the best lighting, when they open to the public and if there is anything else you need to be aware of. This will save you so much time and effort. You might even find some lesser known spots that are even more beautiful than what everyone usually posts on instagram!

Edit like a pro

These days it’s easy to edit your photos to be instagram ready. There are plenty of travel accounts that sell presets specifically made for travel type content. You use these presets on lightroom on your phone or desktop to instantly elevate your shots. If you have some experience in lightroom why not try and experiment to make your own presets that suit your photo needs!

There are also plenty of other apps that will quickly and easily make your photos pop! Try VSCO, Snapseed and Mextures to add some cool effects.

Take your photos in Portrait

Instagram loves portrait shots and it also looks good on smartphones as it fills your screen. It’s always a good idea to shoot a specific shot you had in mind in landscape and in portrait. If you only shoot in landscape the crop might not be what you wanted when posting on instagram and you might cut out some of the landscape you wanted to get in.

Take as many photos as possible

Getting the shot doesn’t mean you take that one perfect photo and go on your merry way. Sometimes it takes hundreds of photos at the same location to get the one instagram worthy one. When you are travelling you might not have as much time though so try and really focus on creating a few different compositions to shoot. It also helps when shooting a person to put your camera onto burst mode. This means you will end up with a whole range of shots to choose from. What I like about burst mode is that it also gives you a few candid photos which almost always end up doing the best on instagram.

Invest in a tripod

Your tripod should really go on all your travels with you whether you shoot on a DSLR, your phone or even a gopro.

Setting up your tripod not only makes it easier to shoot photos when travelling alone it is also great for low light photography.

With these tips, you should be ready to take some epic Instagram travel photos on your next trip!

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