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Tips and Tricks: Packed Perfectly Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler, by Lara Green

Packed Perfectly Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler, by Lara Green


Where ever you go, travel in style. That is the Packed Perfectly motto. You should also gift in style. Gifting is an art. It also tells a lot about a person. Whether you really take the time to get to know someone or just throw a wine basket at them. If you are a planner or if you rush last minute. And gifting can be stressful. You have the end of year taxes to think about not what to put in your cousins stocking.

Luckily if you know a traveler there are some basics you can narrow down your search to, like things to make traveling easier, awesome luggage, swanky passport holders, etc. Rule of thumb is most travelers will want an experience over an object. But if you want to go the object route here are a few sites that will ease your holiday pain and make you appear to have the biggest gifting heart.

This is why I’m Broke

From gag gifts to holy crap that is awesome.   This appropriately named site will wow you with how much time you spend on it. (Great for road trips)


Shopping list gift guides for everyone you know.


Shopping gifts by budget

Buzzfeed Gift Guide

Bc they have boots on the ground.  Buzzfeed gives you an in-depth look at gifting

Travel and Leisure Gift Guide

Gifts for the traveler

Wishing you all a very happy and safe holiday season.

With Love,

Packed Perfectly.