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Tips and Tricks: The Single Parent’s Guide to Planning the Australian Adventure of Your Dreams – Even On a Budget

The Single Parent’s Guide to Planning the Australian
Adventure of Your Dreams – Even On a Budget, by Daniel Sherwin from Dad Solo


Think adventure travel is only for grownups? Or two-parent families? Think again! The experience of adventure travel is unmatched, and kids are like sponges, just waiting to take it all in. Australia is the ultimate adventure destination, with limitless opportunities to explore. Traveling as a single parent may require a little extra planning, but the end result is always worth it!


Getting There – Fly or Drive?

If you’re traveling to Australia from overseas, you will obviously need to fly. But what about once you get there? Australia is full of beautiful landscapes, and roadtripping is an ideal way to make the most of your experience. If you decide to take an adventure road trip, be sure to explore all your options. You may find that buying a car is actually cheaper than renting when you search online for affordable used cars.


The most important thing to keep in mind when planning a road trip with kids is that they need lots of breaks and distractions. Think about scheduled stops when you’re planning your trip so that you can build in adventure. Stopping to sightsee along the road is one of the best ways to explore off the beaten path.


If you’re flying, you still want to plan carefully. The cost of airfare can really add up, but some airlines offer discounts for children when flying internationally. Waiting in lines can be miserable with kids, especially if there isn’t another adult around to help, so you want an action plan for reducing wait times. Trip Savvy recommends checking in online before going to the airport and downloading the airline’s app to have your boarding pass available on your phone. Be sure to take advantage of family lines at security as well.


Get the Most From Your Stay


Planning your accommodations is another place where it pays to do some research and weigh the pros and cons of different options. Many hotels and resorts charge based on double occupancy, so you unfortunately end up paying the same for one adult as you would for two. One option to avoid paying more than you should is to look into a rental property instead.


Home sharing may come at a lower cost, but some family-friendly hotels have perks that make the cost worth it. Call the hotel you’re looking at before booking and ask whether they have specials and activities for kids. If you stay somewhere that has a sitter service, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it!


We also suggest making sure there is a refrigerator wherever you stay. This allows you keep snacks on hand and even make some simple meals. Not having to eat out for all of your meals cuts way down on cost, plus we parents know that kids aren’t always happy sitting still in a restaurant.


Adventure Safely

Traveling as a single parent with kids is an adventure in itself, but don’t shy away from adventurous activities. CNN explains that kids crave adventure just as much as we do, and the experience is a great way for them to explore outside their comfort zone. Adventure travel with kids doesn’t have to always be “kid-type” activities, either. We love these great ideas for amazing experiences to have with kids in Australia.


Of course, you also want to keep your kids (and yourself!) safe. The most important thing is to have a safety plan. Create an emergency plan before you go and be sure to rehearse it with your children. Doing this will help prevent emergency situations like getting separated while also preparing you for how to handle anything that may happen. Be sure to pack a thorough first aid kit too, complete with any medications you or the children need.


Above all, adventure travel is about the experience, so don’t worry if something doesn’t go as planned. Careful preparation helps you avoid mishaps and save money, but when the time comes, it’s ok to go with the flow. We hope these tips will help you make your dream trip a reality, even on a budget.


Photo credit: Pixabay