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Tips & Tricks: Top 3 Ways to Save Big When Traveling by Haley Williams

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1. FLIGHTS: This is without a doubt the most expensive part of the trip for most people, and what usually separates those who can and cannot afford to go. If you’re flexible enough with when, or even where, you want to go, there are a lot of hidden flight websites that can get you major discounts. Scott’s Cheap Flights is an e-mail list that sends out weekly deals saving you thousands in flight costs, the only catch is they can be pretty last minute sometimes. Secret Flying is a website I really like that shows you all the cheapest dates within the selected month, this one can also save you thousands on your roundtrip flight. Also keep in mind that visiting a country during its off-season will save you a lot of money: Europe and Australia in *their* winter, Asia in their summer) this website can show you the cheapest places to visit depending on the month: here

2. ACCOMMODATIONS: if you’re willing to sacrifice the luxury of where you sleep, then you can get some banging deals on where to stay. Airbnb is a great option if you’re open to staying in somebody’s home. The residents may or may not be there with you, but they’re usually helpful with tips about the city. Hostelworld is my favorite website to use because it compares all hostels in the area by pricing, location, amenities, everything, and they run extremely low, I stayed in Copenhagen for $12 a night! Hostels are a great place to get to know people because most likely you will be sharing a room with other travelers. Hostels often have the best locations and the workers are more often than not happy to help you around the city. If you’re feeling a bit risky and would rather have FREE accommodations, couch surfing is another great website that sets you up in a local’s home. I personally have not used this tool yet, but I’ve read a lot of really great reviews from fellow travelers that I might just have to try it out next time.

3. FOOD: Eating out every meal adds up really quick, and while it might sound more ideal, you’ll end up spending the majority of your budget on food. Market halls are a great place to buy groceries or even just to take a pit stop for a meal. Traveling often means a lot of walking which means staying hydrated is even more crucial. Buying a new water every time you get thirsty will put a dent in your budget, so I highly recommend bringing some type of reusable water bottle and filling it up in the fountains or bathrooms. The water is usually safe to drink most places in Europe but depending on where you travel to I always suggest researching the water quality.