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Packed Perfectly is dedicated to spreading the spirit of adventure by highlighting select travel destinations and global events. We help our members shop, pack, and create itineraries that encourage fun and responsible local experiences. Think of us as your wardrobe planner, travel agent, and concierge in one convenient package.

With insider knowledge and exclusive deals, we help you shop smartly and creatively based on your specific adventure with the click of a button. Whether you’re skiing the Swiss Alps, at a yoga retreat in Bali, or band hopping at Coachella, you’ll have the fashionable outfits and practical accessories you need to make the most of your adventure.

Travel in Style

Have you ever started planning a vacation, and ended up wondering what on Earth to pack? So you find yourself buying a whole new wardrobe, only to end up wearing just a few pieces (if you’re lucky). Have you paid overweight baggage fees, only to realize that you still don’t have what you need when you arrive at the destination?

We’ve been there. And now, we’re here to help.

At Packed Perfectly, we provide expert-curated shopping lists so you can order everything you need quickly and easily—no hassle and no fuss. Each destination and event includes a customized list of items that you’re going to need so you can travel confidently, knowing you’re completely prepared.

Our Mission

We want to become your personal travel stylist, giving you exclusive and immediate access to the latest fashion and events worldwide—but more than that, we want to be your insider’s guide to the world’s most exciting and exotic destinations.

In addition to helping you with packing, we also highlight hotels, restaurants, bars, and other must-see attractions for every budget. For those who like to give back while traveling, we provide a researched and experienced charity where you can donate your time or money.

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