What to Do
in Haiti with Kin Travel

Hike to Port Francis

Experience the ethos of Kin Travel by hiking to the village of Port Francis.  The hike is a rather steep 2 hours up, but the experience of passing the local villagers houses and seeing their children, animals, and daily life is priceless.  We visit the village school and heard from the kids via translators what their favorite subjects are and what they are interested in.  The children were so excited to see us.  One little girl held my hand the entire time, walking me around the village.  Her mother offered me a pineapple for hanging out with her daughter.  It was a beautiful moment, us three sharing a fresh macheted pineapple.




Sail Away with Me

A day-sail aboard gorgeous, 62′ Balancé for a history lesson on Caribbean piracy en route to a tiny paradise island.  Read Christopher Columbus’s published journal on board with a glass of rose in hand.  Jump off the boat into the open sea.  Then land on a small private island for a BBQ, some beach games, and relaxing and tanning.




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Meet the Labadie Locals

We stroll through the beachfront village of Labadie.  The locals were so warm and friendly, they ask us to play dominoes with them.  Children flocked to us as we handed out stickers and played soccer with them.  We strolled further through town, eating food from the vendors.  Then we got back to our boat and headed back to camp.

packed-perfectly for haiti

packed-perfectly for haiti

La Citadel

Hike or horseback ride the seven-mile upward trek to  La Citadel – a mountain fortress and UNESCO world heritage site.  Built on a mountaintop, by paranoid Haitians thinking the defeated French would return.  Each aspect of the fort demonstrates an element of defensive strategy and architectural innovation. The fort contained living quarters, cisterns and storage space designed to sustain 5,000 defenders for an entire year. There are massive cannons and mounds of cannon balls everywhere.   It also happened to be a wonderful place to stop for a picnic lunch, literally inside the fortress.

Tip:  Where sneakers on this hike.   Bring your own water.   And people flock to you to buy goods and to be your guide.  If you want a guide, chat with one, but expect to tip him on your way down – he will be with you the entire time.


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Stay Home

Your home is paradise.  Hang out at the camp, and go snorkeling or uni fishing.