What to Do

The Mexico City Photo Tour

The professional photographer Keith Dannemiller will take you on an adventure walk through all the major sites including markets, churches, and street life and capture your experience through his photographic eye.  This is a great way to see everything you want and have unforgettable keepsakes. 


The Teotihuacán Ruins

Climb the Temple of the Sun for a bird’s eye view of the complex.  View the Avenue of the Dead from the top of the Temple of the Moon.  There is no shade available when touring so you might want to bring a parasol or hat depending upon your relationship with the sun. This is a large ruin site, walking it’s entirety can make for an exhausting experience.  Make sure you have plenty of water.  Don’t miss The Templo de los Caracoles Emplumados aka The Temple of the Green birds, located near the exit of The Temple of the Moon. Cost is $42USD for a guided trip at Get your Guide. 


Soumaya Art Museum

Soumaya Art Museum is one of the most striking buildings in Mexico City. Designed by architect Fernando Romero and funded by telecommunications mogul Carlos Slim for 800 million. Museo Soumaya is located in an area of urban transformation called Nuevo Polanco. It was inaugurated on 29 March 2011 by then President Felipe Calderón. The building’s avant-garde design consists of a silvery asymmetric structure whose molded forms recall the sculptural works of Rodin.