What to Do
Vancouver, British Columbia

Hike Sea to Summit to bar to Gondola

To follow in the Packed Perfectly footsteps we drove an hour outside the city to Squamish for the Sea to Gondola hike to trek on the Sea to Summit trail. The hike was incredibly steep, there are a few waterfalls along the way and bathing/cooling holes. Once you reach the summit there is a beautiful restaurant with a band playing on the large outside patio next to a massively steep walk bridge that only a few dared to cross. I celebrated making it to the top by ordering a refreshing Canadian craft beer and cheering to the simulating view of my accomplishment. Then, we took the gondola down. If you are coming to Vancouver, I recommend doing this immediately, if you are in the warmer months.

Sea to Summit
Distance: 7.5 km one way
Estimated time: 3 – 5 hours
Elevation Gain: 918 m
Level of difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced. Some steep & challenging sections. Requires fixed rope lines to assist you at certain sections. Not recommended for downhill travel. For hikers with dogs, you may need to assist your dog at some of the steeper steps (step heights of roughly 3 feet).
Group hike: Start with a group and finish at your own pace, with our Rise and Climb summer series.
Dogs: As a courtesy to other hikers, please keep your dog on a leash. There are some visitors who are uncomfortable around dogs, especially the ones who run up to them, off-leash. In the past, dogs off-leash have knocked hikers while passing and we hope to minimize that risk. Please be considerate, thank you!
Price for gondola ride down: Tickets to ride the gondola down are $15 for humans and dogs. Tickets can be purchased at the base or at the summit.

packed perfectly for Vancouver

Deep Sea Kayak

Ocean kayaking is one of the most popular things to do in Vancouver. There are many different spots to choose from. Deep Cove is one of the best and safest places to do it in Canada.  Be prepared to see lots of seals.




packed perfectly for Vancouver

Kitsilano beach

Called ‘Kits’ – Beach and often described as the Canadian equivalent to LA’s Venice Beach. This is a popular spot for water sports, joggers, sunbathing fans and a splendid view of the mountains.  There is also the Vancouver’s largest pool here.




packed perfectly for Vancouver