What to Eat


Le Normandie Bangkok

is a culinary institution in the Thai capital. It has been hailed as one of the best fine-dining experience in the city and for the past 40 years and has set the standards for excellent service and premium cuisine. Waterfront views make for an elegant setting to enjoy a glass of wine. Culinary influences are drawn from the French tradition.   Set in the famous Mandarin Oriental Hotel, le Normandie Bangkok has truly proven consistent quality and continues to impress its visitors.



has recently received recognition as the best restaurant in Asia and its head chef, David Thompson, has advanced Thai cuisine to unimaginable levels here. With his unpretentious cooking, the renowned chef has returned to basics and perfected the balance of flavors Thai food is so famed for. From street food to premium dishes, expect a wonderful dining experience when visiting this, one of Bangkok’s best restaurants.


Ratchawat Market (ราชวัตร) & Sriyan Market (ตลาดศรีย่าน)

In the quiet district of Dusit,  down Nakhon Chaisi road, are two of the oldest and most traditional markets in Bangkok.

Ratchawat comes first, which includes a fine selection of restaurants serving roast duck, Kobe beef noodles, and stir-fried curry shark.

Further down the road, is Sriyan Market, another culinary gem. Browse through a selection of noodle restaurants, curry restaurants, and street snacks.