What to Eat
Cusco, Peru


MAP Café por Coque Ossio

Located in the courtyard of the art museum, Museo De Arte Precolombino, MAP Café offers guests a healthy mixture of culture and fine dining. Elegant and intimate, the restaurant sits in a glass casing and has very limited seats, so a reservation is a must. MAP Café offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.



Fallen Angel

The Restaurant at Fallen Angel is a trendy option for those who are into art and culture. The interior of the restaurant is lined with impeccable and colorful decor, that features an excellent Peruvian goodness in music and food. There is also a bar where guests can pick up PISCO, a national drink, that serves as a highlight in the drinks section.



Q’ori Sara

A no-frills dining, Q’ori Sara is famous among locals and is located at 290 Calle Garcilaso, which is about a minute walk from Plaza San Francisco. This cafe serves great local eats for cheap and big portions.