What to Eat
for Día de Los Muertos, San Miguel de Allenede



This luxury restaurant was created by Franco-Mexican chef Olivier Deboise. His dishes are all unforgettable and with his fascinating tasting menu, your dining experience will be changed. Travel + Leisure recognized this restaurant to be the best gourmet experience in Mexico as well. They not only serve various types of meals but they also have vegan and vegetarian meals. If you are already going to San Miguel, why not stop by this restaurant and have a meal of your lifetime?




Moxi is an elegant and trendy restaurant located inside the award winning Hotel Matilda. They are one of the most popular dining spot in San Miguel! They specialize in contemporary Mexican cuisine and the it is run by Enrique Olvera one of Mexico’s foremost chef. They have a tasting menu that is simply extraordinary as well. Not only is their dishes great but the ambiance inside of the restaurant is also very beautiful. They have famous latin artists painting inside of their restaurant as well so you can both enjoy art and the delicious food. Make a reservation now for a wonderful dining experience.



Taco Lab

This restaurant was actually made by two Californian natives. They were both a chef and restauranteur and decided to combine their love for Mexican food and tacos and open their restaurant in San Miguel. They provide amazing Cal Mex tacos as well as great tacos. You can try some of their tacos at Tacolicious in San Francisco, California but it would be best to try it in Mexico were tacos all began! They are located right down the street from cathedral Parroquia de San Miguel Archangel, so you can make a quick stop by right after sightseeing.