What to Eat
for Guadalupe Valley Festival



Valle de Guadalupe’s Michelin Star Chef.  Deckman’s love for sustainable Baja seafood originally drove him down to the Valle, and that same passion is on display in his dishes, which are often off-the-cuff renditions of whatever comes from Ensenada that day. Thin slices of well-salted percebes (goose barnacles) may be plated up in a wash of citrus one day, freshly shucked oysters and scallops land the next. And as the seasons turn, so to does the menu—warming dishes like grilled quail with arugula salad make for a heavier nighttime meal.


Las Nubes

Across the wide valley from El Mogor is Las Nubes, which represents an entirely different side of the Valle’s wine culture. Forget low-hung farmhouses and a small barrel room—Las Nubes is built for size. The nearly decade-old winery is built directly into the hillside overlooked the Valle using the same stone that was blasted away from the earth where the wine bar now sits. As a result, Las Nubes’ colors blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, minus its bright red roof.

las nubes



Troika is a permanent food truck set on a hillside in the heart of the valley near the restaurant Corazon de Tierra; it’s popular with winery-hoppers grabbing a bite before their next glass of red.