What to Eat

There is only one restaurant in the village equivalent to a diner which serves a variety of food.  There is also one grocery store, however, it is poorly stocked and very expensive due to the difficulty of getting goods to such a remote location.  The only other option is to hike in with you food or pay for a pack mule to bring it down.  I brought fruits and vegetables to eat on the first few days, tea/coffee, and MRE’s.  MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) are durable pouches of food first created by the military.  Now they are sold on amazon and REI and have everything from oatmeal to risotto.  All you need is a jet boil and you are in business. Word of advice, you don’t need as much water as you think.  There is a water source at the campground so be sure to bring a container.