Where to Stay
for Día de Los Muertos, San Miguel de Allenede



This luxury hotel just opened in 2011 and since then they have been recognized as one of the best hotels in the world. Each room and the hotel itself was inspired by the colonial times and rich history of San Miguel. Not only is the hotel beautiful but they offer various services such as sightseeing tours, wine tasting, ATV tours as well as musical performances. Located right in the heart of San Miguel, you can have the most relaxing and beautiful experience during your stay here.



L’otel de Concept House

Do you want to try a new and unique type of hotel? L’otel offers an intimate and romantic stay at their two locations both in San Miguel. Both of these locations have an elegant and comforting interior, designed for comfort. Both of the hotels are remodeled in the inside but the exterior hasn’t changed since the colonial times, so you can experience a fusion of the historical and modern pieces in this space. They offer an outdoor pool, a rooftop terrace and also an amazing spa.



Cortizo Suites

Learn the culture, art, and tradition of San Miguel during your stay at this historical hotel. They are located right near the Historic Museum of San Miguel de Allende as well as Church of St.Micheal, so you can easily explore the city at any given time. For the younger crowd, it may be a great location to stay since the nightlife is something you don’t want to miss out on. They offer free wifi and a terrace for a beautiful view of the city. The Buenos Aires restaurant is right next door if you want a quick bite.